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USDAW supporting penalties for assaulters of shop workers

A new bill proposed by Hugh Henry MSP calls for the assault of shop workers to be recognised as an aggravated crime. The USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers) is campaigning for the same protection in England and Wales. According to John Hannett, USDAW’s general secretary, shop workers “are all too often seen as an easy target for violence and abuse. Our latest survey showed that one in 10 shop workers have been assaulted whilst at work”. The bill would lead to assaults on shop workers being treated as seriously as assaults on emergency services workers. Home Secretary Alan Johnson will be a speaker at a reception which will be held at the House of Commons to mark the decision of Connect to merge with Prospect. This union, which became effective on January 1st, is the third merger for Prospect in the last 12 months and it lead to an increase in the number of members from 102,000 to 122,000. Prospect represents engineers, scientists, managers and other specialists in more than 300 private and public sector organisations. According to Paul Noon, General Secretary of Prospect, the organisation’s success lies in its “no-nonsense negotiating model”.

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