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Antibodies vs influenza

Some strange antibodies that the human body produces have the potential to combat the flu virus, the findings released today could help to develop more effective treatments.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin and the Theraclone Science Company in Seattle indicated that proteins in the human immune system could help to combat doses normally lethal in the cold virus.

The scientists’ conclusions are based on studies done with rats that were injected with dangerous strains of influenza. The antibodies were identified by the Theraclone firm, that since believed large quantities that were proven in rats.

They say that the protein attack a part of the flu virus that is found present in the biggest part of the strains that don’t have much mutations, they wrote in science articles in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science’ (PNAS). During the experiments, the rats were infected with lethal doses of the virus H1N1 and H5N1. Of the animals injected, between 60 and 80 per cent recovered.

(Translated by Nykhil Emanuel-Stanford)

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