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Dengue in Guatemala

The widespread increase of cases of dengue reported in Guatemala in the first six months of the year are still in the red zone according to the health authorities.

Beginning in May 4, 391 people have been registered infected, 98 of them with the hemorrhage variety of the illness, whilst in the same period in 2009 the figures were 1, 113. With such motivation a campaign was launched to fight the bad, above all the transmiting agent the mosquito Aedes aegipty, through eliminating their breeding farms and fumigation.

Because of this the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance is waiting the support of the institutions and population in general. Information from the authorities highlighted the departments with larger numbers of contagious people in Jutiapa, Zacapa, Santa Rosa, Chiquimula, Escuintla, Suchitepéquez, Guatemala, San Marcos and Quetzaltenango.

The program conceived as an integral labour for the reduction of cases, equally contemplating the training of personal medics and hospitals in appropriate diagnosing in order to save lives.

(Translated by Nykhil Emanuel-Stanford)

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