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Challenging Evo: Protests in Potosi

Protests in Potosi
Evo Morales

From 29 July to 16 August this year, an enormous protest swept through the city of Potosi. Initiated by the Potosi Civic Committee, the people demanded increased government investment in the area by Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Civic strikes were held, rail and roadways were blocked, and demonstrations shut down nearly all commerce and transportation in the effort to negotiate with Bolivian officials and improve the economic state of Potosi. Though it has Bolivia’s highest economic growth rate, 60% of the city’s population lives in extreme poverty.

Frustrated by the lack of change, the city took action with 2,000 protestors practicing hunger strikes and over 100,000 protestors involved in mass mobilisations. On 14 August, protest leaders and government officials finally met and agreed on a settlement endorsed by popular assembly within 48 hours. The protestors confirmed victory, gaining important governmental promises in regards to their demands, including funding the proposed cement factory, prioritising the construction of an international airport and more.

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