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“Union Busting” Protest

According to a press release by RMT, the Tube Union branch will be holding a protest at the Initial Rentokil headquarters in Brunswick Place on Saturday, 25th September at 2 pm.

RMT (the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) is demanding Initial Rentokil stop the intimidation and bullying of its members, specifically those who choose to speak out about pay and employment practices and those who play an active role in the union.

RMT is collecting evidence to support its theory that the tube cleaning workforce’s conditions are being compromised by threats of involving immigration authorities. RMT has an evidently supportive case as one active union member was removed from the workplace by authorities in order to set an example for the other members.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “It remains the fact that cleaners on London Underground, doing a dirty job in appalling conditions for the basic London living wage, are subject to intimidation and bullying if they stand up for their rights and RMT is determined to shine a light on the tactics being used to try and control this group of workers that Londoners depend on”.

“Our protest on Saturday is designed to bring our cleaners and their campaign for workplace justice, out of the shadows and in to the public eye. We will not tolerate a situation where the involvement of immigration authorities is used as a union-busting device”, said Crow.

RMT is “Britain’s fastest growing trade union, representing more than 80,000 members in almost every sector of the transport industry, from mainline and underground rail to shipping and offshore, buses and road-freight”

For more information, contact Geoff Martin at 07831 465 103 or 0207 255 9146.

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