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Peaceful protestors arrested in Zimbabwe

83 activists were detained during a protest in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, on Monday, 20 September. The two groups, Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (MOZA), organized around parliament to confront issues with policing and community safety.

Protestors offered Zimbabwean police a list of demands to be taken into account by the Police Commissioner and the co-Ministers of Home Affairs, who called officials in to arrest anyone threatening violence.

When police officials began arresting members of the groups, others voluntarily placed themselves in the police car to demonstrate their unity. 25 members were taken away from parliament and another 58 marched to Harare Central Police Station to be arrested on their own accord. All 83 members are still being held in captivity at the Harare Central Police Station. Amnesty International has requested the prisoners be released by Zimbabwean authorities.

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