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The dangers of living in London

According to a May 2010 report by Real Clear World, London is considered the 10th most dangerous city in the world. The city’s crime rate has been exponential over the years, specifically in the area of stabbings. Recent studies show that knives are used in 4 out of 10 murders of young people and a knife-related incident occurs every 52 minutes.

Still stabbings aren’t the only type of crime that’s increasing. 2009 reports show that one child dies in Britain every week, the number of childhood sexual offenders is on the rise, there has been an increase in hate crimes towards gays and lesbians, and a minuscule percentage of rapes reported actually led to the conviction of the attacker.

There is no denying the looming danger scattered about the streets of London and it’s not getting easier to grapple with. We at The Prisma are interested in further exploring this growing violence with an in-depth article in hopes of gaining an understanding of the tumult that exists in this city.

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