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A night for José María Arguedas

José María Arguedas (1911-1969), writer, anthropologist and ethnologist, is one of the most distinguished Peruvian narrators of the twentieth century. He died at only 58 years of age, leaving behind a legacy of work which is central to the cultural duality of Perú, a country divided between indigenous and European traditions.

With the aim of commemorating the centenary of his birth, which will be celebrated on the 18th of January 2011, various activities have been scheduled for the evening of the 30th of November in the Bolívar Hall in London (54 Grafton Way, London, W1T 5DL).The event will include different cultural offerings that will focus on the work of José María Arguedas and the Peruvian culture.

The acts planned for the “Arguediana” night will include a sculptural exhibition with the title ‘Warmi’, by Susie Goulder; a poetry recital by Alfredo Cordal ; traditional quecha music interpreted by Sofía Buchuck and Alex Alfaro; and a piece of puppet theatre, by the hand of José Navarro, representing the story of the Peruvian writer ‘Pongo’s Dream’.

Information: Tickets available for £10. Information and booking:

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