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A brave woman who stands against corrupt politics

In defence of Senator Piedad Cordoba, who, as per the judgement of the Office of the Inspector General of Colombia, has been banned from public office for 18 years as a result of her alleged ties to guerrilla group FARC.

Polomosca, composed of members of the Polo Democratico Alternativo (Colombian Left-Wing Party) who live abroad, condemn and reject the Office’s decision to ban Senator Piedad Cordoba from participating in Colombian politics for the next eighteen years.

Senator Cordoba’s dismissal has no political or legal merit. She represents the many Colombians, who elected her to be the voice of those who have been silenced and persecuted. The Inspector General is a civil servant of a lower rank, who only defends the regime that has committed the worst atrocities in Latin American history.

In contrast, the Senator is well known for her campaign to achieve peace in the country by defending the human, constitutional and civil rights of millions of destitute Colombians. Her work has garnered not only national, but international praise. In 2009, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In Colombia, however, humanitarian action is treated with suspicion and is a subversive activity. The Inspector’s sanction represents a curious punishment for those who contradict the country’s disgraceful political regime, which has been heavily involved with organised crime for decades.

This system has seen hundreds of thousands of assassinations, millions of exiled and impoverished citizens and thousands of murdered or silenced union workers.  The State has committed over two thousand crimes, although cynically refers to these as ‘false accusations’. Phones have been tapped, justice opposed, drug-dealers and paramilitaries have been involved in political scandals. The Colombian political system has long been in crisis.

The Inspector is morally and politically corrupt. He is not disgusted at himself for dodging claims of the political, economic and social corruption that are ruining his country; yet he rushes to punish the brave woman who has spoken out against the establishment.

Polomosca stands united with Senator Piedad Cordoba against this aggression. We are calling for unity between all Colombians abroad, all international Human Rights organizations and all citizens of the world who take an interest in saving a suffering Colombia.

In defending Piedad Cordoba, we defend our right to truth and justice. We do not believe it unreasonable to demand the same constitutional and legal rights that would be granted to any other citizen.

Polomosca – PDA

Octubre 1, 2010

(Translated by Ayoola Alabi)

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