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People’s movement vs Ecuadorian Coup Attempt

Polomosca is an organisation mainly composed of members of the Polo Democrático Alternativo members (Colombian Left-Wing Party) who live outside Colombia. The group feels compelled to strongly denounce the events that took place in Ecuador last Thursday, September 30th.

Police rebellion in Ecuador not only represents a threat to democracy in what is our neighbouring country, but destroys attempts to create new ways of encouraging public participation in Latin American politics.

In condemning the attempted Coup d’Etat, Palomosca supports President Rafael Correa and the people of Ecuador as they search deep to find solutions to this national crisis.

Military forces cannot be given precedence over matters of public and national interest. Police rebellion of this kind is a Right-wing attempt to delay the major changes in Ecuadorian society that are being put in place by President Correa.

This attempted Coup once again demonstrates the need to involve all citizens – regardless of political belief – in the democratic process and the need for the public to unite in support for their government. The Right never rests and confronted with their election failure and resulting lack of control of Ecuador, they welcome members of the police force who abuse their power and do not adhere to the public expenditure budget.

Polomosca, a group of resident Colombians abroad, stands united with the people of Ecuador and their official President. We strongly urge you to unite in support of the Ecuadorian State.

Polomosca, PDA

Octubre 1, 2010

(Translated by Ayoola Alabi)

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