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Latin America: 500 Years of Resistance

Like the current situation with the Mapuche people in Chile, indigenous peoples in Latin America have been fighting to maintain their way of life in an ever-increasing industrial world.

Since before the time of the Conquistadors, the Mapuche Indians have been losing their land, but to this day they’re still taking action in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

To celebrate Latin American resistance like that of the Mapuche people, The Group of Chilean Ex-Political Prisoners (Agrupación de ex Presos Políticos Chilenos) and Coordinadora Latinoamericana will be holding twoevents in Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way London W1T 5DL. On October 11that 7:30 pm., Sofia Buchuck, Marcos Valencia and Jota Ramos will open the celebration with their music.  Entry to this event is free. In adittion, as part of the celebrations of the Cultural Resistance of the Americas, on october 20th a puppet and dance show will be performanced by José Navarro and the music of Sofía Buchuck (Ticket price is £10).

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