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Remembrance procession in Trafalgar Square

In recent years, there have been an overwhelming amount of in-custody deaths reported in the United Kingdom. Many people have died in the hands of United Kingdom police and the stories of these injustices are horrifying.

This issue is hard to ignore, with the deaths of Joy Gardner, bound and gagged by police after she violently refused deportation, Leon Patterson, found nude and injured on a cold floor though two doctors had been to see him, and so many more. These stories are tragic, and for the family, friends and members of the community who knew and loved these people, the struggle is ongoing.

On Saturday, 30 October 2010, in a continuous effort to take a stand and fight for justice, the United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) will be holding their 12th annual remembrance procession to honour those killed in custody.

The UFFC is a coalition of families and friends of those killed under police and prison custody. The UFFC believes that the failure by state officials to provide basic rights to life is worsened by the state’s denial in prosecuting those responsible for custody deaths.

The UFFC also demands that custody and prison deaths be investigated separately, that officers involved in custody deaths be suspended and that officers found guilty should be committed.

Recognized alongside Joy Gardner and Leon Patterson will be Roger Sylvester, Rocky Bennett, Alton Manning, Christopher Alder, Brian Douglas, Aseta Simms, Ricky Bishop, Paul Jemmott, Harry Stanley, Glenn Howard, Mikey Powell, Jason Mcpherson and Sean Rigg, to name a few. From 12 pm to 4 pm, the silent procession will take place, followed by a protest at Downing Street.

All are welcome and it is recommended that those attending wear black. For more information contact the UFFC at contactuffc@gmail.com

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