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Stop the War Coalition rally

For approximately a decade now the United Kingdom, alongside the United States, has been sending its troops to invade Afghan soil.

Though the outcome of this action is worsening, the United Kingdom has continued to involve itself in a war that is only getting more treacherous. Facts show that tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have died, the number of UK troops’ deaths in the past few years, have increased tremendously and it is reported UK troop deaths in Afghanistan will soon reach double that of UK troops in the Iraq war.

Though over 70 percent of Britain’s people are against the war in Afghanistan, more and more troops are continually sent. In order to demand the war come to a halt immediately, the Stop the War Coalition, along with CND and the British Muslim Initiative are holding a national demonstration to say it’s time to leave Afghanistan.

The Stop the War Coalition was founded on September 21, 2001; just 14 days after the war in Afghanistan began, at a public meeting with over 2000 people in London. The Stop the War Coalition’s initiative is to end the war currently declared by the United States on terrorism, as they feel it will only increase the number of innocent dead. Carrying the same spirit as they had on the first day, the Stop the War Coalition is holding a public rally to continue standing against this war.

The demonstration will begin at 12 pm on Saturday 20 November 2010 at Hyde Park and will continue to Trafalgar Square until 2 pm.

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