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No Borders

On 07 September 2010, Iraqis faced brutal attacks from UK border patrol on a mass deportation flight; in August 2010, 80 African refugees were evicted from their Calais home; also in August 2010, 147 detainees in the Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre went on hunger strike.

Lori DeGolyer

These are just some of the stories the organisation ‘No Borders’ covers on its website. Mass deportations, housing evictions and rough policing are major problems facing migrants today. With such heavy control over who can’t enter a country, the conditions for non-natives are more than harsh.

A cooperative of people located all over the UK,  ‘No Borders’ is taking initiative to fight migrant injustices, covering news and events across Europe. The No Borders website contains a list of 12 local groups, located in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Scotland, Sheffield and Wales. All of the groups have their own blog site for their designated area, where they post pertinent news and events such as protests, public meetings, book fairs and info nights.

Protest on 30 October

London’s No Borders, for example, is holding a “Life is too short to be controlled” protest against internal and external surveillance on 30 October 2010. They have also listed events such as a “No One is Illegal” public meeting and a screening of the documentary, “Erasing David”—a film about director David Bond’s exploration of privacy.

Brighton’s No Borders lists many articles, covering topics such as the Villawood Rooftop Protest and the suspended state of asylum seekers returned to Greece.

Wherever migrants are, ‘No Borders’ can help them get involved with initiating “Freedom of movement and equal rights for all.”

To browse the ‘No Borders’ website and find one near you, visit http://www.noborders.org.uk/.

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