In memory of Jimmy Mubenga

On the 12th of October, the Angolan citizen Jimmy Mubenga suffered a collapse on a British Airways airplane on which he was being deported to his country of origin, while being accompanied by three members of security from the G4S company. His death was declared in the hospital where he was moved to.

Various witnesses say that the three members of security who accompanied the detainee were holding him with force, and the Mubenga asked for help and warned that he had trouble breathing. Mubenga’s death is no exception in cases of deportation, as events such as this have been repeated since 1991.

In particular, as well as this case, there are 14 immigrants who have died during the process of deportation. The official cause of death has been, in the majority of cases, suffocation and cardiac arrest. After hearing the news, 25 detainees in the immigration centre in Dover issued a sign statement asking for an official investigation to clarify the events that lead to Jimmy Mubenga’s death.

There have already been several reports in the last few years which have warned of cases such as these; brought about by members of security companies who are contracted by the Home Office (Interior Ministry) of Britain.

To remember Jimmy Mubenga, as well as 13 other cases of death of detainees, various organizations in the United Kingdom have called for a march in the memory of the deceased Angolan citizen on the 12th of October. The organizations are No Borders , Corporate Watch, Inquest, Free Movement, London No Borders, Medical Justice, National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaignsand Union of Angolans in UK (UAUK).

Information: Thursday 12th of november. March from the Angolan Embassy (22 Dorset Street, London, W1U 6QY), near the Baker Street/ Marylebone tube station, to the Home Office Office (2 Marsham Street, Londres, SW1P 4DF). stopdeportation-news@lists.ucrony.net


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