‘Listen to Venezuela’: Free Film Screening

As capitalism and neoliberalism continue to dominate the world, showing no trace of socially just societies, political action proves necessary.

Corporate business has been exploiting the lives of people for years–stripping lands of all resources deemed useful and leaving the surrounding communities impoverished and lacking. Workers are continually losing their rights and the rich just keep getting richer. Now more than ever is an alternative response called for.

A London-based student group by the name of ‘Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism’ (FRFI) believes the only way the world can progress is by ending capitalism altogether. Supporters of the working class, FRFI says the only alternative to capitalism is socialism–to live in a society where all people are consciously aiming toward emancipating every individual, rather than serving private industry.

In accordance with their ideology, FRFI will be holding a free screening of ‘Listen to Venezuela,’ a film which documents the transformation in the lives of Venezuelan people after the Bolivarian Revolution.

The film, made in 2008 by directors Michael Wayne and Deidre O’Neill, attempts to portray the political state of Venezuela in this social movement. One scene in the film captures the environment of a food hall in which over 8,000 meals are given out daily. The directors will be present at the screening and a Q&A will follow.

The screening will take place on Sunday, 7 November 2010 from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM at The Compass on the corner of Chapel Market and Penton St, Angel, Islington, London N1.

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