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Unite’s 2010 Election

It is a very important time for the working community: widely anticipated, Unite, London’s largest workers union will be holding its 2010 General Secretary election. We at the Prisma are sending out a reminder to vote.

Jerry Hicks
Gail Cartmail

Formed by a merging between London’s two leading unions T&G and the Amicus, Unite’s influence on rights and conditions for labor workers is essential.

A union led by its members, Unite encourages member activity on all levels and has impressive political weight with over 100 members in the House of Commons.

From Monday 25 October to Friday 19 November, Unite will be holding elections for

Les Bayliss
Len McCluskey

its new representative. Members running for this position include Les Bayliss, Gail Cartmail, Jerry Hicks and Len McCluskey.

Les Bayliss has been a Unite member for 40 years and currently holds the position as Assistant General Secretary. He believes in providing proper representation, professional support, as well as solidarity and equality for all members.

Gail Cartmail, also currently Assistant General Secretary, says she is the only independent candidate in the race. She believes in serious political change against spending cuts as well as the necessity for improving worker’s pay, safety and training.

Jerry Hicks, the only candidate not currently Assistant General Secretary, questions the former actions of Unite leaders and feels the union needs fundamental change. He believes the Unite needs to be returned to the hands of its members.

Len McCluskey, also currently Assistant General Secretary, says his ear is held to the members of the union and will address concerns on pay, employer injustice and job security. He believes in creating a space that is always open to its members.

Unite is a highly significant organization, for those of us employed and unemployed, members and nonmembers a like. For more information on how to vote, contact the ballot enquiry office at 0800 783 3856 (0818 333 155 from the Republic of Ireland) or visit

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