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LAWR’s domestic violence workshop

The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWR) is working in conjunction with the Portuguese and Spanish speaking community forum in Lambeth to deliver a workshop on violence against women next Tuesday the 16th of November. The workshop is open to all women from the Latin American community and admission is free.

Living as part of a Diaspora community can make it harder for members of the community to fully understand their rights and access support services. LAWR is a charity that was founded in 1983 to provide support to Latin American female migrants when no such service existed at the time. LAWR’s stated mission is to provide tools for growth to empower Latin American women in the UK to pursue personal and social change.

It is estimated that over 4,000 women use LAWR’s services every year. They offer advice, counselling, career support, legal support, workshops and English language classes amongst other services.

LAWR particularly focuses on meeting the needs of women suffering from poverty and abuse. They run a violence against women prevention project where advice, advocacy and practical support are offered to women who are experiencing any form of violence. This consists of telephone and face to face advice, advocacy to secure legal protection and rights, securing safe and emergency accommodation, referrals to LAWR’s own therapy, welfare, employment and language support services.

LAWR’s workshop on violence against women is part of this project. The workshop will discuss domestic violence and what it means, the different forms in can take, the physical and emotional consequences of domestic violence. The workshop will also inform participants of what their legal rights are in the UK.

The workshop will be held at Stockwell Community Centre, at 6 pm on the 16th of November. For more information call 07918176680.

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