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Lobby town hall in Hackney

With the recession in full-force and cuts at the forefront, many people are responding with grassroots action.

In the London borough of Hackney, the community is already seeing the repercussions of the proposed cuts as teaching assistants are made redundant and two refuse trucks are cut.

An organisation by the name of Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services (Hatdps) knows that the cuts will lead to devastation for them, their families, friends and community members and are ready to take immediate action.

At Hackney College, many jobs and courses are under threat, while subsidised Hackney nursery homes have been cut from 300 to a shocking 60. Unfortunately, this is just the start: it has been reported that British government plans will leave 1.3 million people without jobs nationwide.

As the Hackney Council begins planning their cuts, Hatdps hopes to organise act toward securing jobs. Hardps finds hope in the Friends of Hackney Nurseries’ recent success, winning back tens of thousands of pounds of funding for next year, though deeper cuts are feared in the near future.

Calling for a unification of workers and community members in the area, the Hackney Alliance for Public Services will be lobbying Hackney’s Town Hall on 24 November 2010 from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM.  For more information,

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