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A Special Tribute

Genoveva Pérez y Fernando Vergara

Photos: Eddie-Lee Lawrence

Latin American Elderly People Project dance group

Recently, the Bolivar Hall, north of London, played host to a very special event: “Listening to grandparents,” which paid special tribute to the elderly in Latin America.

The event was organised by “The Telephone of Hope UK” in the worldwide celebration of “International Day of Listening.”

A variety of artistic groups were involved and the Golden Years Day Centre (“Los años Dorados”) participated in a number of ways to stage a performance showcasing their very own singers.

This included a trio made up of Fernando Vergara, Genoveva Perez, and guitarist Arturo Pulgarín as well as the duo; Betty Race and Fernando Vergara.

Amada Silva who is a coordinator of Los Años Dorados was one of a number of people who picked up an award that night, recognising her contribution towards the community.

In reference to the theme of the day she said that we must learn how to listen, speak and understand the needs of the elderly.

Genoveva y el guitarrista Arturo Pulgarín.

The Latin American Elderly People Project was also present with their choir and dance group. Other guests who attended this event include Sofia Buchuck; Peruvian singer and ambassador of the Andean and Peruvian culture in the United Kingdom, as well as the theatre group “Teatro Luna Playback” with their play “Esperanza”.

(Translated by Sofia Ahmad)

Duo INCA-MAPU: Betty Rhaza and Fernando Vergara

Sofía Buchuck
The Golden Years choir

Latin American Elderly People Project dancers

Teatro Luna Playback
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