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Social Protection of Ecuadorian Immigrants in Italy

This Latin American country clearly aims to strengthen it’s international relations and already has bilateral agreements with Spain, Chile, Peru and Uruguay and business connections with Columbia and Venezuela.

In a meeting with Ecuadorian citizens living in Eastern Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, Ramiro González, the Director of the ‘Ecuadorian Institute of Social Protection’, promised to promote the Social Protection Agreement between Ecuador and Italy. According to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, González, who previously met with the Italian Ambassador in Ecuador in order to determine the Italian Authorities’ position on this matter, explained that negotiations to speed up the implementation of the agreement have already started.

The Social Protection agreement between Ecuador and Spain will, however, come into effect in January 2011.

It is estimated that 200,000 Ecuadorians live in Italy, of which 80% are undocumented.

González reminded migrants can carry out their voluntary affiliation from outside the country, and contribute from a minimum of two basic salaries amounting to 480 dollars.

The Director of IESS, Ramiro GonzalezIn order to meet the needs of the Ecuadorian migrants, various international embassies manage the Ecuadorian embassies. These organisations act on behalf of the Secretary General for Migrants (Senami) aiming to safeguard the rights of Ecuadorian migrants abroad and giving them the services that the Ecuadorian State would provide.

New York, Caracas, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, Milán, Barcelona and London currently have Ecuadorian Embassies. The most recent being opened in London on the 28th of September this year.


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