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A voice for the disappeared

Previously celebrated in Istanbul, Bogotá, the Philippines, Nuremberg and Diyarbakir, the 6th International Conference against Disappearances will be held in London.

Summoned by the International Committee against Disappearances, ICAD, the conference intends on giving the relatives of the disappeared a voice on matters such as war, conflicts and occupations in diverse parts of the world.

But equally, it offers organisations in favour of defending human rights and which fight against forced disappearances, the possibility to express their thoughts and convey their viewpoints.

The event, under the title of “The wars, the national movements and disappearances”, will try to address the current problems being faced and debate the possibilities of fighting against disappearances. It will be made up of delegates from more than 25 countries and will have the support and collaboration of around 130 institutions.

The organisers have given out open invitations to all those who want to support the fight against disappearances and violations of human rights, as well as to institutions who are in favour of democracy and freedom, who oppose the repression and human exploitation, and to human rights activists, intellectuals, writers and artists.

(Translated by  Piers Jarvis –

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