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Brixton’s Green Christmas Party

South London is planning to kick off the festive season with its own seasonal celebrations this Wednesday the 15th of December, at the Duke of Edinburgh pub on Ferndale road.

The forward thinking and innovative organisations Transition Town Brixton, Lambeth Green Community Champions and the famous local currency network – Brixton Pound will be hosting the festivities. All three groups are initiatives that promote a better environmental and economic future with a local focus.

Transition Towns is a movement that aims to equip communities for the dual challenges of climate change and Peak Oil.

The movement currently has over 100 member communities worldwide and Transition Town Brixton represents one amongst just a handful that exists in the UK.  TTB seeks to raise awareness of sustainable living and build local resilience in the near future.

A key principle behind Transition Towns is increasing local self reliance. Thus a number of these towns have their own local currency, and Brixton was the third to achieve this with the Brixton Pound a co-host of the Christmas celebrations. The Prisma has previously reported on the Brixton Pound – the first ever urban local currency which is redeemable in local shops and businesses helping to reduce food miles, whilst supporting local firms who face more pressure than ever to stay open under the current economic climate.

Meanwhile the final group in the tripartite – Lambeth Green Community Champions conducts a programme aimed at recruiting volunteers from across the borough who can help and inspire their local area to be more environmentally sustainable.

If you fancy sipping on mulled wine while chatting to fellow advocates of local economic and environmental sustainability, head along to the Christmas Party this Wednesday between the hours of 7 pm -10 pm.

Address: Duke of Edinburgh. 204 Ferndale Road. Brixton, London, SW9 8AG. Tel: 02079240509

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