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Five steps for Human Rights

China, Gambia, Guatemala, Romania and Tunisia. Five countries. Five cases of Human Rights violations. On the 10th of December, Amnesty International will commemorate the International Day of Human Rights recalling cases for which this organisation fights.

I have here a very brief description of why each one of these nations is under the spotlight since their governments have acted in complicity and in silence towards people whose liberties, lives and civil rights they have violated, not to mention how they have been made victims of inhuman treatment.


Arrested on various occasions, Mao Hengfeng worked with victims who were forced to leave their homes, and also on behalf of defending rights concerning women and reproduction. She was tortured during her arrest and condemned in March to 18 months of “re-education through work”.


Coordinator of the opposition party’s campaign, Femi Peters was arrested during a peaceful demonstration. He has a sentence of one year in a high security prison in which he is subjected to systematic torture. A diabetic and suffering from Malaria, his relatives do not know if he is receiving adequate treatment.


Norma Cruz is the director of the Survivors Foundation and works with cases where women are victims of sexual violence, helping them to get justice in Guatemala. She has received dozens of death threats that have never been investigated.


Around 100 people of Gypsy ethnicity were forcedly evacuated from their homes in 2004, in the Miercurea Ciuc district. Many were relocated outside the city in appalling conditions, close to a residual water treatment plant. Six years later, nearly 75 of them are still there.


Sentenced to death, Saber Ragoubi’s trial was carried out without the necessary prerequisites and rights for supposedly belonging to a “terrorist organisation”. The court sentenced him after a “confession” which, according to the accused, was obtained by means of torture, and the court never went on to investigate it.

(Translated by  Piers Jarvis –

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