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The Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) is a volunteer-run organisation devoted to giving impoverished and abandoned youth a chance to break the cycle of poverty. In light of the holiday season, LAFF has released an ‘Alternative Gift Guide,’ inviting friends, family, colleagues and supporters to consider a different style of giving this year.

LAFF was founded on the basis of offering help and hope to young and vulnerable people in Latin America, wherever needed. With one in four people living on less than a pound a day in Latin America, the need for aid is vital. In working with young people and developing relationships with community-led organisations, LAFF hopes to create independence from outside help for the people it works with, rather than dependence on it. The major aims for the LAFF organisation are to help people meet their basic needs in food, water, safety, shelter, sanitation and medical supplies, whilst providing access to education and training and also providing grants to help develop income generating projects in achieving sustainability and independence.

The LAFF organisation is especially active in Peru, where 81% of people in the Andean highlands live in poverty and 57% live in extreme poverty, despite the region’s diversity, rich natural resources and beautiful landscapes. Just outside of Cusco, Peru, LAFF has established the ‘Blue House Children’s Home,’ offering kids a safe space in the countryside, offering shelter, safety and opportunities for education and work training. This space gives the children of Peru a more promising and opportunistic future.

For just £4, coloured pencils or five exercise books could be bought for the ‘Blue House Children’s Home’ in Peru. Along with gifts to the institution, the LAFF Alternative Gift Guide also includes the option to give a pig or purchase food for a pig for a child in need, along with the gift of vocational training, materials for jewelry making, tools for gardening and more.

To give a far-reaching gift to a child in Latin America, visit the LAFF’s Alternative Gift Guide at http://issuu.com/laffcharity/docs/laffalternativegifts.

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