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“The war you don’t see”: The truth revealed

The groundbreaking film “The war you don’t see” – a powerful investigation into the media’s role in war is set to hit cinemas nationwide on December13th 2010.

The australian journalist, John Pilger

Look back at the history of war reporting from the atrocities of the First World War, the tragedy of Hiroshima, the invasion of Vietnam right up until the present day conflicts that perpetuate in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This film explores how crimes of war are reported and how they are justified and asks if mainstream news has become a key part of war making. Historically the media was a powerful tool of propaganda in war reporting. Has anything changed or do they continue to beat the drums for war? John Pilger, International award winning journalist and director of this film, prepares for the release of his first film in three years, following on from his award winning feature length documentary “The War On Democracy”. His first experiences of front line war reporting began with the Vietnam War in 1967, and he has always remained an impassioned critic of foreign military and economic escapades by Western Governments.

“The war you don’t see” also investigates the balance that exists in the media when reporting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, particularly in light of the recent Israeli siege on the convoy bringing aid to Gaza and also when reporting the abuses of Iraqi citizens at the hands of British and American officials. In relation to the later, the notion that the media distinguishes between “worthy” and “unworthy” victims of conflict is closely examined.

The film displays never before seen footage from Iraq and Afghanistan and contains interviews with BBC reporter Rageh Omaar, former CBS anchor Dan Rather and the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange. Pilger wants to expose the war that we do not see, and he warns; “The lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth. This film is about your right to know.”

The film will be shown at select cinemas (including the picture houses) from the 13th of December. The premier will include a Q&A session with John Pilger live from the Curzon Soho which will be broadcast to other screens around the country on the same day. There are limited screening dates; however ITV will also broadcast it on the 14th of December at 10:35pm.

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