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Jobless Party in Wales

In response to the highest levels of unemployment in the UK for decades the first ever unemployed disco is set to hit Cardiff on Tuesday December 21st.

Coming from across the country a host of diverse DJs, live acoustic musicians and artist will be there to entertain. This event asks people to radically swap daytime TV – a marker of unemployed times with daytime dancing in an innovative move to raise the spirits of those without a job.

In celebration of the first lunar eclipse in three years the party will have a Winter Solstice theme and they are inviting everyone to come down to “meet like minded people, share ideas, skills, information, knowledge and dance like there is no future”.

The DJ line up includes Toby Woy – with revolutionary hits from the past five decades, Y-Chrome – for those keen on old skool raving in the afternoon and finally the The Elf – who will be spinning a hybrid of old and new Christmas tunes fused with punk and other music genres.

Melir Tomas and Cosmo will be there to provide live acoustic music. While other alternative and diverse forms of entertainment will be there including Elacqua Anti X-mass Carol, Adam Johannes & The Victims of Democracy, Little Eris & Netty Lillith Dancing Molecule and Mab Jones a spoken word artist, comic/ poet, playwriter.

This party – the first of its kind is a reflection of the harsh economic times facing the UK. It will take place at “The Rockin Chair”, Lower Cathedral Road, Cardiff between the hours of 2pm and 8pm on the 21st of December.

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