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Free legal aid at risk

Action has begun over warnings about the budget cuts that the Lib-Con government wants to carry out regarding the free legal aid system (Legal Aid).

The initiative has been taken by the Justice for All campaign, a coalition formed by more than 1,000 groups of legal agencies and consultancies that defend the system, established in the United Kingdom in 1949, which assures everyone that their legal rights are of worth.

Currently, the wave of cuts made by the Lib-Con government will extend to the legal aid budget and reduce it by around 350 million pounds, which would mean that more than half a million people in the UK would not be able to seek free legal aid. According to Justice for All, the measures being taken include cuts to the budget that deals with social welfare advice and family legal problems.

But equally, it is considering limiting free advice on issues such as family matters, state benefits, employment, housing and financial problems which will affect the worst off people in terms of financial resources.

In this way, the organisation believes that the Government’s proposals may be very detrimental to people seeking legal aid, and especially to those that are most vulnerable.

Due to this, Justice for All is going to carry out next January 12th, an awareness campaign aimed at the UK’s politicians in the headquarters of British Parliament as of 14.00. The campaign launch and main act will be carried out from 3.30 to 5.00 in the afternoon. During the event there will informative sessions going on in which politicians, activists and the general public will participate, with the aim of communicating the importance of the free legal aid service in the UK.

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