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Network X mobilising the opposition

They are calling a gathering on the weekend of the 15th of January in Manchester for all networks, affiliations, organisations and individuals alike against both cuts and capitalism to join and unite as one powerful community.

Since the Coalition has come into power they have responded to the tough economic climate by slashing funding for public services, cutting jobs, clawing back the welfare state, tripling student fees, scrapping EMA and hiking up VAT tax amongst other measures. These measures are deeply affecting the prosperity of the ordinary person and the less well off thus a new wave of protest and anger not seen for decades in the UK has exploded.

Network X intends to capitalise on the overwhelming feeling of discontent and establish a larger infrastructure to organise the multiple organisations and groups in opposition to the cuts that are springing up in the UK. Network X believes if the various movements against the cuts are to become a genuine powerful force in the future, organisation is not enough, it believes that the movement needs to be grounded in a wider framework and discussion.

The weekend of the 15th will be a grounding breaking time for Network X.  Amongst other issues, a name, an organisational philosophy and guiding principle for the movement will be discussed. It will provide a forum to brain storm ideas, plans and proposals for the fight against cuts and capitalism. Network X is not a party political organisation; it invites all societies and networks that share their basic beliefs.

They want to establish an inclusive process that acts through a consensus to reach decisions. Action it intends to facilitate includes linking up different groups on a large scale to organise direct action including industrial action, blockades, occupations, land grabs, civil disobedience and rent strikes.

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