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Rally against Asylum Seeker Centre

“Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!” is renewing its campaign against the government building Communications House.

They are urging their supporters to make 2011 the year for change and are beginning the New Year with a call for all to join the protest against the centre on the 25th of January. This government building in Old Street is one of a number of immigration reporting centre across the country. Asylum seekers have to sign on at these centres from a monthly basis to a daily basis for some. Asylum seekers live in constant fear when signing on as they can be picked up at any moment from these centres to be sent to a detention centre and consequently deported. Under the previous Labour government, the Home Office increasingly tightened controls on those seeking safety and refuge from persecution, including introducing this system something the Coalition government continues to support.

The Prisma recently reported on the last demonstration outside Communications House on Tuesday 30th of November, where Nicki Jameson of the campaign “Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism” branded immigration laws “institutionalised racism”.

The campaign is actively involved with various related issues. They concluded last year’s activities with a protest outside Holloway Prison in support of three asylum seeking women who have been in criminal prisons since taking non-violent protest action the conditions they encountered in a different immigration centre in Yarl’s Wood in March 2010.

Supporters are being urged to continue their campaigning efforts in a bid to close down centres like Communications House where asylum seekers are being forced to sign on in such a manner. The upcoming demonstration will take place outside Communications House on the 25th of January between 5pm and 6pm.

More information: http://www.revolutionarycommunist.org/index.php/-fight-racism-fight-imperialism.html

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