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‘Peckham Heroes’

The most distinguishing feature in the artistic world of the multi-talented American, Jessica Voorsanger, is her passion for pop culture.


All of her paintings, sculptures, clothes designs and installations are imbued with references to television culture and the theatre world in general.

From the 14 January 2011 Peckham, located in South London will welcome an interesting initiative – under the title of ‘Peckham Heroes’ lead by Jessica Voorsanger with the help of art and music students from Harris Academy.

It is an interactive exhibition where the protagonists are 10 famous figures with connections to this London area and are selected by the pupils from Harris Academy.

The artist, born in New York 46 years ago, has transformed the Peckham Space into a karaoke where some of her paintings, sculptures and clothes designs will also be on show.

The aim of this initiative is to offer an open space to promote art through the active participation of the public.

The Peckham heroes selected for this exhibition are actor and musician Ashley Walters, actor Boris Karloff, stand-up comedienne Jo Brand, fashion designer John Galliano, boxer Chris Eubank, footballer Mary Phillip, actor Michael Caine, footballer Rio Ferdinand, actress Olivia Coleman and historical figure of Peckham, Thomas Tilling.

Visitors can dress in some of the made-to-measure suits and wigs made by the American artist.

As well as karaoke, the event includes live performances and videos by Voorsanger and other artists. This interactive exhibition ‘Peckham Heroes Exhibition’ will be open until 26 March 2011at: 89 Peckham High Street, SE15 5RS, London.

(Translated by Louise Jefferson

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