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‘Viva la Reproducción’, Cuban Art in London

Although the majority of artists, whose work is displayed in this exhibition, have appeared in leading international exhibitions, this is the first time their work is displayed in the United Kingdom.

Cuban art has always something to say.  The contemporary art scene in Cuba is one of the most interesting in the world and so, from the 20 January to 4 June this year, London will host the exhibition “Viva La Reproducción”. The exhibition will display the works of some of the most important young artists working in Cuba today and is an initiative conceived by London Print Studio in London.  The curator of this event is Cuban artist, Sandra Ramos.

As well as developing well-known artistic works, Havana born Sandra Ramos has held an important role as curator of several events.  She has worked at the exhibition of “The multiple print project”, a series of exhibitions which bring together the best print and reproducible works in Cuba, through such techniques as photography, video, performance and installations for example, traditional print making works.

The print making technique has been important in the development of Cuban art, initially with engravings of Cuban life and its traditions, and whose artistic background comes from European artists. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Cuban artists developed a strong lithographic tradition with work known as “tobacco stamps”.

On the one hand, Cuban art history has developed in a young country, but simultaneously with long-standing ancient traditions. In “Cuban Gold: Viva La Reproducción” this story will be displayed in its contemporary international context.

The display will include works from artists such as Abel Barroso, Mabel Poblet with her kinetic games, José Toirac with his “Exhumations” of historical fragments, Jacqueline Brito, Sandra Ramos with her “Alice in Wonderland” and Osmeivy Ortega.  The works will also be displayed at reasonable prices.

Date: 20 January to 4 June.  London Print Studio, 425 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE


(Translated by Louise Jefferson –

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