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“Salud!”… health care heroes

One year after the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti, many foreign contingents and aid agencies have left. However, Cuban health professionals are still there treating the people.

These contributions and others made by the Cuban health professionals to international health care are highlighted in the film “Salud!” a screening of which will be held on Sunday the 13th of February. The film takes a look at the 350 professionals who have been working in Haiti since 1998, and who, within 24 hours of the earthquake, were accompanied by hundreds more doctors, nurses and therapists who had been sent over from Cuba.

In October, another group of health workers was sent from Cuba, and they have treated 40 percent of all people who have cholera, and continue to train Haitian doctors free of charge. These health professionals believe that healthcare should be made a global birthright, and the film explores the philosophy and internationalism behind the country at the forefront of a worldwide movement.

A discussion of this movement and the Cuban health professionals will take place after the screening, which will begin at 7 p.m. and is being hosted by the Rock around the Blockade (RATB) organisation as part of its Anti-imperialist film club, which has monthly showings at The Compass Pub. RATB is a British campaign in the defence of a socialist Cuba, which campaigns actively against the US blockade of Cuba, in solidarity with revolutionary movements throughout Latin America and against the imperialist occupation and prison at Guantanamo Bay.

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