Figuring out the new politics

The recent student protests have captured the attention of the media, the government and the people and deeply changed the way people are viewing the Tory government.

For instance, many now believe that the cuts being made in various areas of social welfare may be stoppable. The question remains, however, what kind of politics are needed as the fight against the cuts continues? As the public tries to answer this question, a debate will be held on the 27th of January at the University of London Union between Ed Maltby, of Worker’s Liberty, and journalist and blogger Laurie Penny.

Maltby and Penny will be debating many of questions supporters of the cuts have been asking as they move forward into a new era of politics. The issues being explored include whether or not trade unions are still relevant, if political parties are needed or if they are a harmful distraction, if differences on the left are no longer relevant and what kind of organisations are needed to beat the Tories and overthrow their system.

These issues have been thrust into the spotlight as the student revolt started a wider fight back by workers, and the public began to think about how society is run and with whose interests in mind, and will be further explored at another event on the 26th of February to be hosted by the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

This second event will focus more specifically on the Alliance’s role in recent politics, as well as an exploration of the group’s beliefs. These beliefs include fighting for a renewed working-class socialism that is both democratic and revolutionary and immense practical experience of organising broad, militant student movements against the bureaucrats of NUS and alongside workers. More information, visit or email

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