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Lakino 2011 is now accepting entries

Thanks to the success, both in terms of attendance and of official entries, of the Lakino / Latinamerican Short film Festival held in Berlin last year, the organisation has decided to celebrate it for a second year.

Its purpose is to offer an alternative platform to the new generation of cinema-based artists from Latin America, and will show the short films which have placed them at the forefront of those whose work focuses on the various Hispanic ways of life. Just as in 2010, the screens in the ‘Kino Babylon’ cinema will be the scene of the latest edition of the cinematic competition, which will be held from the 6th – 9th October. It will be an open-entry festival, but slanted towards the field of Latin-American short films, including fictional narratives, documentaries and animation.

One of this year’s ideas is to widen the competition to include films of theatre and dance, and those who wish to do so have until 31st June of this year to submit their works. The fundamental concept of Lakino 2011 is that the entries should have been made by Latin-American film-makers, and that they should be Latin-American productions, or relate to the people of or life in South America.

The entries may not extend beyond the 30 minute mark, and the festival will not accept videos which were made before 1st January, 2009. In last year’s event, 343 short films were submitted, and this year the organisers hope to equal or pass that figure. All those concerned are also expecting significant public interest, in common with Lakino 2010. The prizes will be awarded both by a jury consisting of people with expertise in the world of cinematic art, and by members of the viewing public. The outright winner of last year’s festival was a short film called ‘No me ama’ (She doesn’t love me) by Martín Piroyansky, which won both the jury’s and the public’s nominations.  The film centred on the nature of love, and recounted the difficulties of love between men and women with humour and sensitivity. 

The other highly commended short films were ‘La Escuela de la Calle’ (The school of the streets) by Maximiliano González, which won the second publicly awarded prize, and ‘Vagonero’ (The DVD man), given a special mention by the jury. Information about the 2011 Lakino festival can be found at: Lakino: Latinamerican Short film Festival, Berlin. Submissions accepted until 31st June, 2011.

The festival’s dates: 6, 7, 8 and 9 October, 2011. Venue: Kino Babylon, Berlin. Natalia Ribés. Press Department., +49 (0) 152 056 802 54

(Translated by A. Phillips –

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