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The price of the Israeli occupation

Since the 1967 occupation of the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank, there have been – and there continue to be – innumerable discussions and opinions about the Israel-Palestine conflict, but often without consideration of motives and economic consequences.

With this in mind, in August 2010 the economic researcher Shir Hever published The Political Economy of Israeli’s Occupation. Repression Beyond Exploitation. Hever’s intention was to analyse and articulate the web of interests, motivations and economic consequences which rise above the conflict in the Palestinian territories currently occupied by Israel, affecting both Palestinians and Israelis equally.

Shir Hever is an author and economic researcher at the Alternative Information Centre, an organization founded by both Palestinians and Israelis in the cities of Jerusalem and Beit Sahour.

His book, published by Pluto Press, analyses factors such as the international economic aid given to both Palestine and Israel, the economic consequences for Israel of its occupation of the Palestinian territories, as well as the boycott, sanctions and the campaigns directed against Israel.

Hever demonstrates that a comprehension of the economic aspects of the Occupation is necessary in order to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict; the author will be personally appearing at King’s College, London on 17 February, having been invited by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to speak about his research.

Hever rejects the premise that Israel keeps control over Palestinian territories for material gain, and also the premise that Israel is merely defending itself from Palestinian aggression. Instead, he argues that the occupation has reached an impasse, with the Palestinian resistance making exploitation of the Palestinians by Israeli business interests difficult, but the Israeli authorities reluctant to give up control. Date: Thursday February 17. King’s College, London. 18.30pm. Room K4U.12, Strand Campus. WC2R 2LS

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