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Latin-american coalition against the cuts: Feb 27th

A meeting will take place on Sunday 27 February at 4pm, to give a platform to all those affected by the measures taken by the present British administration, so they can express their views, plan a course of action and look to strengthen their position..

The cuts in public services that the Con-Lib government led by David Cameron proposed in mid 2010 and which are currently underway, although aimed at stemming the economic crisis, are primarily affecting working-class families and social groups with the fewest resources.

In particular, one of the most vulnerable groups in the UK is that of workers from other countries.

Thus, with the aim of bringing together Latin-American immigrant groups,the group Latin American Coalition Against Cuts (Colacor), was founded on January 15, being in nature a network of Latin American organizations.

The proposal for the creation of this coalition came from the American Workers Association (Lawas), who decided to call for organizations, groups or entities willing to unite to battle economic measures and layoffs which negatively affect the community living in the UK.

One of the main objectives of Colacor, therefore, is to inform members of the Latin American immigrant community and their organizations how the cuts will affect them, and to create a group in solidarity with the initiatives already set in motion against the cuts, and decide on collective action to continue the fight.

One of the group’s first activities, on February 27 at 4pm, will be to organize a public meeting designed to create a space for discussion, dissemination of information and for the collective mobilization of the Latin-american community.

The meeting will be held in Tiendas del Sur shopping centre on February 27 and will be an open call to all Latin-American groups and individuals, with the intention of strengthening the voice of immigrants from that part of the word, and of exposing the problems facing everyone, and a look for solutions.

Some of the speakers have been confirmed already, an example being Jeremy Corbyn MP. The names of several more female guest speakers will be announced in the coming days.

At the meeting there will be an opportunity for each organization or entity to take time to explain their situation and proposals.

Colacor is considering adding its voice to other movements and coalitions that have arisen in the wake of the cuts that are affecting the United Kingdom. In this regard, the group will participate in the national march planned for March by different groups and coalitions in the UK.

To date, the organizations involved in this initiative of the Latin American Workers Association are: Lawas, Latin American Womens’ Rights Service (Lawrs), Movimiento Ecuatoriano en el Reino Unido (Meru), Bolivia Solidarity Campaign and Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Golden Years Day Centre, among others. It is hoped, however, that more will answer the call.

For more information: http://latinamericansagainstcuts.wordpress.com/

(Translated by A Phillips – Email: ambrosephillips@gmail.com)

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