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The march in March

The biggest organisation of trade unions in the UK, the Trade Union Congress (TUC), has announced a march on the 26th March in London in response to the plans of David Cameron’s government.

It is anticipated that the official announcement will call a multitude of workers from all walks of life to the English capital. These will be from the public as well as private sectors, in addition to union and community leaders.

The TUC, an organisation that includes affiliates from 58 trade unions throughout the UK and represents around six and a half million workers, has estimated that it will charter around 500 coaches from all parts of the UK to support the demonstration. One of the slogans of the rally is “Cuts are not the Cure”, and with this announcement the TUC intends to give a voice to all workers in the UK.

The main thrust of the action consists of showing the Lib-Con government that there is an alternative to its proposals and that the cuts are neither a real nor a justified solution to eliminating the deficit in the UK, according to the organisers.

Disproportionate measures

According to the TUC, effective solutions to bring us out of the adverse economic situation would include enforcing higher taxes on banks and persecuting tax evasion. Furthermore, it promises that the planned cuts proposed by the British government will severely deplete public services, leading to over a million redundancies in the UK and afflicting the most vulnerable communities.

From an establishment which announced that it wanted to eliminate the deficit in just four years, it is a brutal measure which avoids any possibility of economic growth, further depressing the economy and leading in turn to new austerity measures.

While the recession was caused by the financial sector, the banks have in fact already benefitted once from enormous bailouts without being asked to make a justified contribution to helping us emerge from the economic situation, argue the organisers.

Date and location: 26th March, 11am; Victoria Embankment, London. For further information please visit

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