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Visions of global justice

The definitions of, and ideas surrounding, global justice are constantly changing, as are the skills needed to make a campaign successful.

In order to inform organisers and the public alike, the World Development Movement is holding a discussion entitled Visions of Global Justice on 19th March as part of the Scottish campaigner’s convention. The discussion will focus on how to combine new ideas and thinking with age-old skills to make changes for social justice.

World-renowned political scientist Susan George will be amongst the speakers, and will be talking about her new book on “challenging the world’s super rich neoliberal elite with an achievable greener, fairer future.”

Also present will be poet Danny Chivers, who is also quite active as a researcher and activist and who will be sharing his experience of using poems to communicate campaign issues. A workshop entitled The Story of Change will teach those present how to use stories and changing narratives to win campaigns, and WDM campaigners will share the campaign plan for 2011, as well as how to get involved.

Those in attendance will also be educated on WDM’s campaigns for justice on hunger, climate, the banking system, and will be encouraged to write their own campaigning poems.

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