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Women in direction

The role of women in the film industry is growing around the world, and they are increasingly taking on the jobs of producer, screenwriter and director, illustrating a devotion to the cinema beyond the traditional norms.

To demonstrate the different and unusual views of a number of today’s directors of Spanish film, the Instituto Cervantes in London has organised a series of eight film screenings which will be shown in March this year. The series is in keeping with the festival “Woman in Direction” as part of the International Film Festival Cuenca (in Spain).

On March 4thMiente” by Isabel Ocampo, “Almas Congeladas” by Juana Macías, “A golpe de tacón”  by Amanda Castro, and “Turismo”  by Mercedes Sampietro were shown. The viewing of a feature film by Nina Rosenblum, “Zahira: la que florece” (Zahira’s Peace) (2004) is planned for March 11th.  This film tells of the consequences for a 21 year old girl who was caught up in the terrorist attack on the 11th March 2004 which shook the capital of Spain and left 190 dead and around 1,500 injured.

The protagonist of the film, Zahira Obaya, suffered from serious physical after-effects including the loss of an eye, hearing loss in one ear and various other facial traumas.  Additionally, on the 18th of this month two other films will be screened; “Ella es matador”(She is the Matador) (2009) by Gemma Cubero and Celeste Carrasco and “Alcanzando sueños” (2007) by Beatriz Pérez Martín.  The film series will finish on the 25th March with the feature film “La Buena nueva” (The Good News) directed by Helena Taberna.

Based on a true story the film is set during the Spanish civil war in a socialist town in the province of Navarra.  It recounts a parish priest’s invective in the face of rebels and the Catholic hierarchy.  He does this in his fight to defend those who are persecuted when the military coup led by General Franco begins. All of the films can be viewed in the original version with subtitles in English.

Location:  The Auditorium in the Instituto Cervantes in London at 102 Eaton Square (SW1W 9AN), London

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