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Polo Mosca and Libya’s s ituation

This group feels compelled to express its opinion on Libya’s situation. (Polo Mosca is an organisation mainly composed of members of the Polo Democrático Alternativo members – Colombian Left-Wing Party – who live outside Colombia.

Libya: Solidarity with the people without the interference of transnational capital

Precisely because we support the popular struggles for emancipation from dictators facing a hideous system based on dispossession and exploitation, we support the people of Libya in their struggle for liberty. At the same time we reject any military action or intervention by those whose intent is to take advantage of the popular struggle for emancipation from the dictator to advance the interests of transnational capital. From this ethical perspective we reject a military intervention by NATO or the US as well as the propaganda to justify these interventions in the name of a people they do not represent and to whose dispossession, exploitation, and oppression they have contributed.

We demand an immediate halt to interference of the powers at the service of transnational capital in Libya and invite immediate, urgent expressions and actions of solidarity with the people of Libya.

Polo Mosca

Polo Democrático Alternativo


March 2011

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