Migrants, Multiculture

Debate and music vs. racist propaganda

The stigma of discrimination in the UK has come to occupy the front pages again in a form of rebirth that terrorises and disgusts many.

It has been carried out by violent far right groups, who have held demonstrations based around a clear racist and anti-Muslim message. The worst is that this trend is to be found entrenched in David Cameron’s speech last February, where he referred to the “failure of multiculturalism” and the importance of a British cultural identity.

For this reason, groups such as Unite Against Racism, Unite against Facism and various Muslim groups have warned us of the growth of associations such as the English Defence League (EDL), who are known for their violent and islamophobic character, and the British National Party, who have a more subtle and ideological discourse, but are equally intolerable. Groups that, despite this, are seen to be endorsed by the recent words of the UK’s Prime Minister.

With this trend as a motive, on the 22nd March at 4pm the British capital will hold a conference entitled “Defend Multiculturalism, Challenge Islamophobia. Don’t let Cameron divide us”, in order to deal with the recent situation of religious and racial intolerance in the UK.

The speakers at the debate will include Jonathan Githens-Mazer, Co-Director of the European Muslim Research Centre at the University of Exeter, Sabby Dhalu, Secretary of the One Society, Many Cultures organisation and Talha Ahmad of the Muslim Council of Britain. The event will take place in the main building at Goldsmiths College, London (Richard Hoggatt builing SE14 6NW).

Additionally, the “Love Music Hate Racism” campaign has organised a concert on the 1st of April at the West Indian Centre in Leeds (Laycock place, Chapeltown LS7 3JA), where the Asian singer Mumzy Stanger will perform , as well as the hip-hop duo Metz ‘n’ Trix, the beatbox group Bloxed and the singers Jodie Aysha and Bangra Niche. The night will continue after the concerts with the DJ’s Desi, Saiqa and Mr. Unique.

(Translated by Sophie Roper)

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