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Seven days in Havana…

Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro started the first traces of a film portrait of the Cuban capital, whose design will complete another six directors, each with different histories and a common focus.

According to sources from the Cuban Film Institute, the film, a Franco-Spanish co-production made up of seven short, aims to offer an image of an eclectic city that looks towards future, 2011’s Havana captured in the passing of a week.

The shooting, which is up to May 6, will be in charge of Del Toro, who made his debut as producer, Laurent Cantet, Gaspar Noe, Elia Suleiman, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, and Juan Carlos Tabio. The idea that unites them is the intention of capturing “from their sensibilities, backgrounds and styles”, the energy and vitality that makes the Cuban capital a unique city, the heart that beats in it from the beating of its different neighborhoods, atmospheres, generations and cultures.

The Puerto-Rican actor, Benicio del Toro (right)
The Puerto-Rican actor, Benicio del Toro (right)

The cast involves enviable names such as Emir Kusturica, Josh Hutcherson, Daniel Brühl, Jorge Perugorria, Mirta Ibarra, Vladimir Cruz, Daisy Granados, and Elia Suleiman among others, who will provide more details of the project in an upcoming meeting with the press.

With different arguments “Siete dias en la Habana” (Seven days in Havana) is grounded in a solid dramatic unity and common locations, linked to the body and spirit of the city as the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the seawall-drive, one of the sites that nests the intimate pulses of the people, the breath and life of the capital.

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura assume the general coordination of the scripts of the film produced by Alvaro Longoria, Gael Nouaille, Didar Domehri, Laurent Baudens and Fabian Pisani and the executive producing of Pilar Benito and Cristina Zumarraga. PL

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