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The US spying on Cuba revealed

This Caribbean country made public evidence of United States plans to try to introduce in the island illegal communication and spying systems with sophisticated technology.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte

Dalexis Gonzalez Madruga, a graduate student in telecommunication engineering at the “Jose Antonio Echeverria” University, was contacted by US agents to illegal introduce sophisticated equipment and install a network.

The documentary, broadcast on Cuban television, explained the steps by which the State Security agent known as Raul operated to deal with a system feasible to transmit directly to the US Interest Section (USINT) in Havana. As part of millions of projects financed by several US administrations, the objective was also to transmit encrypted messages with declassified information directly to US territory.

Dalexis González Madruga
Dalexis González Madruga

They also tried to use Gonzalez Madruga’s technological advances and knowledge for exchanging information and instructions. The latter destined to facilitate destabilizing activities within the national territory.

The documentary retold the participation of some USINT officials in meetings with counterrevolutionary elements to transmit orders from the United States, as well as some activities Gonzalez should carry out. The documentary features the kind of spying activity against Cuba, developed and financed since the 60s by the United States, including millions of dollars in funding allocated to that purpose by the current administration.

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