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Young people don’t like books

According to a survey carried out by publishers Pearson, the majority of British teenagers are not capable of reading more than 100 pages of a novel.

Jane Austen

Most people are not born with a love of reading, but, as the years go by, we acquire a better knowledge of and interest in the world around us, especially once we become adults, when we set to finding out about particular subjects in a more detailed and specific way, and turn to books to help us.

However, it seems that, in recent years, the young people of Great Britain are losing these good habits, as 70% of the 500 teachers surveyed by Pearson agreed that boys do not have the stamina to read more than 100 pages of a book, with one in four saying that boys lose interest in the story within the first few pages.

When a book is longer than 200 pages, the result is worse still, with a third of the teachers saying that boys would not even consider opening it.

This trend is leading many school teachers to choose shorter novels for their students to work with in class.

Furthermore, according to the research, the books that put off boys the most are the classics of English literature, such as novels by Jane Austen.

William Shakespeare

Particularly unpopular titles included three of Shakespeare’s plays – “The Tempest”, “Macbeth” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – as well as John Steinbeck’s classic “Of Mice and Men”.

The study has concluded that a lack of interest in reading could be partly related to the current poorer performance in school by British boys.

Last year, the number of 11 year-old girls who reached the required level in English was 9% higher than the number of boys (85% compared to 76%), while in reading the achievement gap was even more abysmal: a difference of 15% between girls and boys (79% compared to 64%).

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