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Tourism in Ecuador… from the lens

MERU has begun a photography competition with the intention of encouraging the Latin American community to participate in the promotion of the aforementioned country as a tourist destination.

From now until the 23rd of July, participants will be allowed to present any photos that they wish, taken with the camera of their choosing, be it professional, semi-professional, or that of a cellular phone.

According to MERU, (Ecuadorean Movement in the United Kingdom) the value of a photographic work shall be based more on the place and circumstances of its taking, rather than on its resolution, focus, or quality.

Photographs entered into the competition may be representative of anything that would spread Ecuadorean publicity, from billboards and city walls to buses and taxis.  Any snapshots should be accompanied by a footnote of about twenty words, indicating the place and the details of how they were taken.

At the end of the contest, there will be a public event to announce the final verdict and the names of the finalists.  The winner will receive £100, and the second and third place runners up will receive consolation prizes.

Photos taken should be sent via email to info@movimientoecuador.co.uk.  You may also phone in at 07837949884 to receive a corresponding participation number.

MERU has been established since 2007, and its mission is to defend the rights of Ecuadorean immigrants and to promote and amplify the nation’s character through cultural, sporting, and musical initiatives.

Particularly notable among these is the “Ecuadorean Library- Donate a Book” campaign, whose purpose is to create a library of Ecuadorean Literature and information about the country.

(Translated by: Collin Reyman – Email: pprbackwriter@gmail.com)

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