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Explosion of ‘Bomba Estéreo’

Three years after their first concert in London, this Colombian group will perform in the Blaze Festival 2011 on 29th July in London.

The group’s live show will take place on 29th July in the Underground Village, as part of the Blaze Festival which is celebrated this summer in the British capital.

Although at first the Colombians’ performance was scheduled by XOYO for the 21st June, this was cancelled due to reasons beyond their control.

During the past year, the band founded in 2001 and led by the impressive voice of Li Saumet has been established between Bogotá and Shoreditch.

Their upcoming performance in Blaze will be a must for fans of the band, which combine traditional Colombian music, rap and electro. During their performance, the artists named by the international channel MTV as “the new best band in the world” will perform “Fire” and other successful hits from their four albums.

Bomba Estéreo arrives in London at the hands of the Como No promoters, in partnership with Colombiage.

Colombiage is a project which was established in 2007 with the intention of showing the different facets of Colombia through the exciting world of art.

They have two key aims: primarily, to become a prominent platform for the promotion of Colombian art and culture in Europe to stimulate communications between Colombia and the UK, inspiring new types of collaborations, meetings and discoveries.

Secondly, it is forging a strong cultural identity for Colombians living away from home. Tickets are now available for advance sale for the concert on Friday 29th July. For more information about the activities of Colombiage you can visit their website:

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