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Writers call UK’s point based system “Intrusive”

The world’s leading writers are criticizing Britain’s points-based immigration system for non-EU artists.

Salman Rushdie

They are calling it “needlessly bureaucratic and intrusive”.

Among the notable artists are award winning author Salman Rushdie, English playwright, screenwriter and novelist Hanif Kureishi and distinguished journalist and author Hari Kunzru.

The 120 artists recently composed a letter to the Daily Telegraph listing their complaints towards the system.

“Writers and performers who have long been welcomed by Britain now find that they are required to undergo a visa application process that is needlessly bureaucratic and intrusive,” said the writers. “Non-European Union artists wishing to enter the country have been treated poorly, either through the application process or entry points.”

According to the prominent group of signatories, short-term visits by artists have no impact on migration and therefore there is no need to administer their entry with a points-based system.

They hope their letter will convince David Cameron to create a visitor route for artists and entertainers that does not distinguish between those who are and are not receiving payment.

“Our tradition of cultural exchange is being badly damaged through the points-based system,” said the signatories. “In the long term we will suffer economically.

Currently the system requires artists to have a licensed sponsor and places costly burdens on art organizations who invite artists into the United Kingdom.

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