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London gets meditated

From the 2nd July the realized master of meditation Shri Shivarudra started giving free meditation discourses, questions and answers and music performances.

Shri Shivarudra

Gabriella Valentinova

Also known as Babaji, the guru is now travelling the world to share his wisdom on peace, happiness and self realization. The first seminar took place on the 2nd of July at.

After having spent an awfully stressful month and a couple of days I headed down to Victoria, to only hope to be welcomed with a warm smile. So was I. A middle-aged lady and a young man welcomed me at the door not missing to remind me to take off my shoes. I didn’t mind, but I still stuffed them in my huge handbag.

As I was told to go early because the places were limited I was there twenty minutes earlier and had to wait around half an hour until the programme started.

During this half an hour my mind was so preoccupied that I was feeling I really needed to hear Babaji’s words of clearing one’s mind. I used that half an hour of waiting to observe what kind of people were attending, as expected – they were diverse, from Indian to English, from religious to non – religious.

It didn’t matter where you came from and what you believed in, as every human being needs finding peace.

After a short introduction, Babaji entered the room with all of us standing up for him. The programme started with some songs, which I personally didn’t know, but noticed that some of the people around me were singing too.

I must admit, to someone who has never been involved in anything like that and someone who doesn’t speak the language, the performance part wasn’t that exciting. Patiently I waited until it was over and the guru started speaking his words of wisdom.


Babaji’s whole attitude and philosophy reminded me a lot of Osho (another wise Indian thinker influenced millions with his teachings). Years ago, Osho practically changed my mind, so listening to Babaji, I wouldn’t say I was hearing brand new things, but yet, it is always inspiring and it always manages to touch me in some way.

The guru started speaking about the human needs: Water is needed, food is needed, but any other needs we think we feel, are acquired needs, which are not actually needed. According to him, the first thing we should do is take care of our physical body, and then in the same way, to take care of our mind, because our mind is the source of everything.

After the rather brief, but very full and concise speech on need and love, a breathing exercise and a questions and answers session followed.

The people who attended looked content with the event, they thanked the guru, and personally I am going to attend another of the seminars. I’ve chosen the 2 hour silent meditation. After all, in all the rush in London, we all need a little silence.

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