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Health priority for Ecuadorians in London

SENAMI calls Ecuadorian immigrants in London to come and make the most of a second conference that is being held on the subject of health.

An event took place on the 13th August in Burgess Park, which gave rise to the General and Emotional Health Campaign, organised by Senami (The Ecuadorian National Secretariat for Migrants) in collaboration with ‘The Telephone of Hope’ (el Teléfono de la Esperanza) and Doctors of the World.

It was the closing of the first conference that went on to identify the whole campaign: making all Ecuadorian citizens aware of access to the NHS and the importance of emotional health as a basis for personal wellbeing and prevention of illness.

The second meeting will be held on Sunday 28th August starting at 12 noon and finishing at 3pm on the sports fields in Finsbury Park.

In the same manner, a ‘Health Workshop’ is being planned for September which will be held in the facilities at Ecuadorian House in London, which can be found at the following address: 1st Floor, 144-146 Kings Cross Road, WC1X 9DU, London

It is worth noting that Senami has been putting on activities in London for a year now with plans, amongst others, to see that immigrant rights are fully exercised, particularly those of Ecuadorians.

In this sense, the ability to have a good standard of life is boosted, and at the same time good leadership, planning and management of the Ecuadorian immigration policy is provided; there is communication and coordination with immigration agents; and consistency in immigration prosecution with demands for its citizens abroad is maintained.

For further information please call: 0207 278 0809

(Translated by Emily Russell – email: er@tisef.com )

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